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Finalmente... si sta evolvendo il nuovo video 🍾🎉🎈 piano piano ci arriviamo 🎬🎼🎧🎞

  • Su di noi
  • Visual / Sound Art
    I love to express beauty and fantasy in various forms, Digital Art, Music, Photography...
    Started as a digital 3D artist and since always loved electronic music, now I'm experimenting day by day, doing whatever my heart tells me to, either graphic or music.
    My images give me inspiration for music and viceversa.
    Cit. Art is space painting, Music is time painting...
    My personal add " Love is Heart Painting"
    I do sound painting to paint as more nicely as possible the time.
    Music, Logo, Covert Art, Images and Videos by © Ely-L DOLPHIN.

    Peace and Love

    Computer, M-AUDIO Keystudio 49i, Virtual synths / VST plugins
    DAW: Ableton
    Editor: Audacity